SalesWorx is a top quality mobile sales solution developed by Unique Computer Systems to offer customisable customer & product information and provide customer visit management for field sales professionals. Having an automated and mobile sales force is a crucial requirement for businesses in today’s fast paced environment. 

SalesWorx is an integrated solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of your field sales representative’ while reducing their downtime, by providing faster, easier and up-to-date access to business critical information on enterprise systems, corporate databases and applications.

Customers Reviews
We are proud of contributing to the success of the world’s leading brands
The Salesworx delivered by UCS exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and punctuality in project delivery. This allowed our presales team to seamlessly integrate the solution into our workflow, increasing productivity, and overall success. Appreciate the entire team at UCS for their dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering an outstanding solution. I highly recommend UCS to any organization seeking top-notch services and a reliable partner for their IT needs
Group ERP Manager
We are extremely pleased with Unique Computer Systems implementation of SalesWorx as our van sales solution. Over the past year, we have seen a significant change in the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales team.
Hathboor Group
Jaya Nair, IT Project Manager
We are very pleased with SalesWorx as a product along with the implementation and on-going support. Embracing SalesWorx has enabled our distribution business to achieve new heights.
Family Food Center
P P Anwar, IT Director