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Mobile Sales professionals need up-to-date information and critical facts and figures anywhere, anytime. Making your sales force more productive and streamlining sales force processes will increase sales, increase efficiency, and decrease costs, thus creating a competitive advantage for your business.

Mobile Field Sales Management Solution

Mobile Sales Force Automation is a key requirement for fast-moving businesses today. Unique Computer Systems integrated solution for mobile field sales can increase your field sales representatives’ effectiveness and productivity while reducing their downtime, by providing faster, easier and up-to-date access to their business critical information on enterprise systems, corporate databases and applications.

SalesWorx is a top quality mobile sales solution that offers customizable customer & product information & customer visit management – a complete tool optimized for field sales professionals.

Functional Modules

On field Invoicing

User friendly invoicing module which automatically applies appropriate pricing and promotions, with printing capabilities

Pre-sales Order Booking

Easy to use pre-sales order entry module with warehouse stock information to capture the sales orders received from customers

Delivery fulfillment

Fulfillment of deliveries or shipments that are generated based on the orders placed by customers

Returns Management

Sophisticated Returns module with capabilities of creating credit notes, return notes and RMA documents

Payment collections

Ability to collect payments against open invoices and settle them. Payments can be made using Cash, Cheque, or cards

Store stock Checking

Capture the availability and stock level of your products at customer location to improve sales and distribution.

Inventory Management

Effortless movement of inventory between warehouses and vans, and inter-van stock transfers

Promotions & Discounts

Advanced trade deals and discounts capabilities using which the FOC and discounts will be applied automatically

Loyalty points & Incentives

Loyalty points and Incentives module which can compute the achievement based on the performance of sales persons


Various survey options with questionnaires to collect feedback from customer, or to capture additional information

Order history

Users get easy access to status and history of the orders, which helps them to be better informed on field

Customer Statements

Easy access to information such as Customer Statement and Aging report, for quick and hassle-free interaction with customers

Route Planning & Tracking

Simple and easy to use route planning option with additional features such as geo-fencing, visit tracking, and live tracking.

Asset Monitoring

Record the availability and status of the assets that are placed at customer locations.

Alerts & Messaging

In built communication module, push notifications, and in-app alerts so that users do not miss out anything important

Reports & Analytics

A wide range of in-built reports and data analytics for better representation of data that is available


Informative and visually pleasing dashboard provides all the required information in one place

Visit planning and tracking

Easy to use visit planning module along with geo-fencing, visit tracking, and coverage analysis

Customer and contact Management

Manage all the customer information and the related contacts information, all in one place

Product Portfolio

Manage all the marketing products and their relevant information in one place, which will be used by marketing team

Media Management

Assign and manage media files such as images, videos, PDFs, and presentations against the marketing products

Demonstration plans

Create multiple demo plans with media files so that the relevant demo plan can be used while meeting contacts

Custom presentations

Create custom presentations on the go and use them during the demonstration of products to contacts


A full fledges demonstration module which keeps track of media files, products, and the duration it was demonstrated.

Sample Management

Allocate samples or gifts to marketing team which they will be able to dispense to contacts during the product demonstration

Adhoc Customers/contact creation

Marketing team can create new customers and contacts, and demonstrate products to them, so that a new opportunity will not be missed

To-Do/ Notes

Create To-Do’s and capture notes during a demonstration so that vital information can be kept track of

Alerts & Messaging

In built communication module, push notifications, and in-app alerts so that users do not miss out anything important

Reports & Analytics

A wide range of in-built reports and data analytics for better representation of data that is available

Product availability check

Capture the availability of your products at the store, along with previous visit stock comparison

Product pricing audit

Record the price displayed against your products at the store and compare the price captured during previous visit

Planogram compliance audit

Monitor whether the planogram is followed while placing the products in shelf and compare it with defined planogram.

Promotional compliance audit

Record whether promotions are placed correctly and whether they are displayed properly at store

Product placement and visual merchandising

Record the placement of your products and capture information on how it can be improved overall

Share of shelf

Capture the share of shelf information of your brands to identify the brand share and market share

Track competitor price

Capture competitor information and record the price of competing products at the store

Track competitor promotions

Record competing products promotion information that are currently running at the store

In-store customer surveys

Perform in-store customer surveys to capture more details about the store and products available

Image capturing

Image capturing capabilities against competing products, planogram compliance, in-store surveys, etc.

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