Delivery Management Solutions

We live in a fast-paced world with on-demand expectations. Advancements in technology have enabled businesses to work smarter, quicker and with an enhanced level of efficiency. These changes have had an impact on delivery businesses driving them to adopt and invest in delivery management system. Understanding customer preferences and meeting their expectations fosters loyalty and increases the possibility of the customer coming back.

Delayed deliveries will significantly reduce the chances of a repeat purchase. Having an efficient delivery management system in place helps bridge the gap between the businesses and customers, improves operational management and provides the customer with an enhanced and seamless experience.

SalesWorx is enabled with an additional delivery module to help clients streamline their delivery operations and ensures on-time deliveries with real-time delivery tracking and route optimization. Streamline your entire delivery operation with SalesWorx’s delivery management module.

How SalesWorx’s Delivery Management module can help your business

Route Optimization

SalesWorx’s route optimization finds the best route between multiple deliveries

Real-Time Visibility

Track the location of drivers and status of the orders in real-time

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery can be shown by adding images or signatures for verification

Performance Analytics

Make informed decisions based on useful insights, past delivery trends, identify problem areas and evaluate driver performances.

Assign Orders

Assign deliveries to free delivery agents and manage schedules efficiently

Manage Operational Costs

Efficiently manage multiple deliveries to reduce costs

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Provide customers with an enhanced, frictionless experience

Control Deliveries Anywhere

Using the dashboard manage and track orders from anywhere

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